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Can Sinus Problems Cause Or Worsen Dark Circle Under The Eyes

Reading Time: 3 minutesDark circle under the eyes can happen to any woman. The tired dark circles that can make women look older are caused by several different things. Age, lack of sleep, and even genetics can all play a role in causing dark circles to appear or worsen. Sinus problems can also cause dark circles to appear, or it can even make they worse.

Sinus Problems and Dark Circles:

Sinus problems and nasal congestion can cause dark circles to either form or worsen. The blocked nasal cavities can cause the tiny veins and blood vessels that run from the nose to the eyes to swell and darken. These darkened blood vessels are what can cause the dark circles to worsen or form. Sinus problems can also affect dark circles by causing fluid and pressure to build in the tiny sacs underneath the lower eye.

Treatments for sinus problems can include sinus medications, and breathing treatments. Sleeping in a slightly tilted position can also help under eye fluids and nasal passages to drain.

Sinus problems are not the only causes of dark circles; allergies can also cause or worsen dark circles. Allergies can also cause the tiny blood vessels to darken as they begin to show through the thin under eye skin. Allergies can be caused by an allergic reaction to food, seasonal plants, animals, or even makeup. The first signs of a reaction usually include a reddening and swelling of the eyes, along with an itching or burning sensation.

Treating Dark Circles at Home:

If congestion and sinus problems are causing or worsening dark circles, there are a few things women can do to help reduce the appearance of dark circles along with following the advice from a health care provider.

• Drinking plenty of fluids and staying hydrated is not only important for staying healthy, it also helps promote healthy skin. Skin that has become dehydrated can begin to sag and turn ashy. Fine lines and wrinkles can become more apparent, and dark circles will appear even darker.

• Sleeping in a slightly upright position can help clogged nasal passage to drain, and can help prevent fluid from staying in the empty pillows in the under eye area. Special pillows are available to help ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

• Placing cucumber slices or chilled tea bags has long been a favorite home remedy for women to help reduce under eye puffiness and dark circles. Aloe Vera lotion is often used with the cucumber slices to help reduce swelling and moisturize.

• Castor oil and even chilled soup spoons have also been effective in reducing the appearance of under eye circles mainly caused from sinus problems.

For many women whose dark circles are caused or worsened by sinus problems, once they treat their sinus condition the dark circles will fade on their own. Along with trying to sleep in the upright position to help drain the nasal cavities, using a vaporizer or a neti pot can produce dramatic results. Neti pots are small pots that use a saline solution to help drain the nasal cavities. Once the fluid has begun to drain, the blood vessels will begin to lighten and shrink.

Dark circles under the eyes effects women of all ages. They can be caused by a variety of reasons including sinus problems. Women suffering from allergies or sinus problems often see their dark circles worsening or the circles beginning to appear. How women treat these dark circles depends on the cause and the severity of the dark circles. Fortunately for those women whose dark circles are a result of sinus problems, the condition is usually temporary. How a woman ultimately treats her dark circles depends on the way she feels about them. In the end it all depends on a woman’s own personal self-image.

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