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7 Things That Cause Wrinkles

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Which one you rather choose-aging prematurely or aging gracefully? People often never think about the aging process unless and until it’s too late to reverse. Some people are obsessed with skincare while some might miss this routine. There are many amongst you who have aged but with grace which bought them amazing results.

You can forecast the approaching wrinkles but you can prevent them. Start early with the skincare routine to prevent dry skin. Dry skin is more prone to form fine lines and wrinkles. Here are some of the most popular things which cause wrinkles. Knowing these will help you decide which aspects of life should be improved to get rid of aging signs.

1. Smiling and frowning:

The facial expressions like frowning, smiling also have negative impact on skin. They trigger the early formation of wrinkles. You need to think twice before frowning and smiling. Before expressing you’re gratitude or feelings to other remember how many muscles work to convey those expressions. You can reduce the wrinkle inducing expressions. You know what even the habits can affect your skin thereby develop premature aging signs. Drinking through straw or in a bottle also creates wrinkles. Lose the straw, put down your bottles to do some good for preventing wrinkles.

2. Sun and tanning beds:

Here’s another surprise to you; both tanning beds as well as sun is one of the main culprit to cause wrinkles! There are many people ignorant amongst you who think tanning beds are healthy. I too love sun and tanning beds but wait I wear sunblock, use hats and sunglasses before going in sun.

3. Unhealthy diets:

No new miracle diet benefits you to lose weight. This can be unhealthy and make your metabolism go crazy. This can affect your body, make you weaker and result into having dull skin. These diets take away all the precious minerals, vitamins and nutrients from your skin. There is no right time to have a balanced diet.

4. Cigarettes:

Cigarettes and wrinkles; what’s the connection? LOL! Cigarettes will make your skin shrivel prematurely. The unfortunate part most of you find it difficult to give up smoking once and for all. If you want to age healthy and gracefully; quit smoking. They are harmful to health and result into formation of premature aging signs.

5. Genes:

Yeah, some people are prone to wrinkles and the culprit is their genes. It’s still skeptical to say if genes could be scientifically blamed for premature wrinkles, but there are some people having fine lines from elementary school. It’s totally weird to think that but this can be caused from dry skin.

6. Toxins:

Do you know how much toxins are released into our environment? The toxicity present in the air affects the skin. They get absorbed by the skin faster.  A better solution to tackle this issue is to have foods consisting of the anti-oxidants. These super foods help to provide you with healthy skin.

7. Hormonal changes:

The hormonal fluctuations affect the skin and causes wrinkles. The sudden changes in estrogen levels affect the body. This also affects the skin thereby resulting into formation of wrinkles. The saddest part hormone level can’t be controlled without using hormone supporting supplements.

Could you mention some more sources that result into wrinkles and fine lines? I’ve mentioned certain interesting fats and well known causes for premature aging. After knowing these sources, it will benefit you with treatment of aging signs. One of the ways to prevent the onset of aging signs is to opt for a good wrinkle cream. Read wrinkle creams reviews to know how it prevents the formation of early aging signs.

Aishwarya Korgaonkar
Aishwarya Korgaonkar holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from the esteemed Mumbai University. Being creative and artistic, she leaped into the field of digital marketing and content writing. Her love for words makes her write creative and spellbinding content that adds colors to the world. She is keen about writing articles across different verticals and is always eager to work on challenging topics.


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