7 Latest and Coolest Wearable Devices for Gen-Z Consumers

    Coolest Wearable Devices

    In today’s world, game changing technological advancements are supposedly at their peak, where Generation Z is the most affected audience in a good way. This is making a huge difference in the perception of Gen Z towards business, innovation, and lifestyle. The time of Generation Y is progressively shifting and making a place for Gen Z consumers. Generation Z are becoming more concerned about their lifestyle and therefore believes that smart devices should be within their arm’s reach.

    Gen Z are young enough not to be intimidated by new technology. Innovations don’t stump them, and when it comes to cutting-edge technologies and applications, they surely stand up with better grasping power. This indicates that Gen Z consumers are going to be the focal target for advanced and innovative wearable technology like eye gears and smartwatches.

    Listed below are some of the coolest and latest wearable technology devices for Gen Z consumers:

    1. Fitbit Inspire HR

    Fitbit Inspire HR

    Inspire HR is the newest and the latest fitness tracker from Fitbit. This wearable comes with an integrated heart rate monitoring, which allows users to increase exercise sessions time, track calories burnt, and identify sleep stages. The device is waterproof and can also track several activities including walking, running, cycling, and swimming. In addition, it comes with the ability to record meals and calories.

    2. Focals by North

    Focals by North

    North is taking a different approach to the smart glasses market with a chic pair of digital spectacles called Focals. The custom glasses, which work with prescriptions and contacts, come with a unique augmented reality display, allowing users to message friends, receive navigation assistance, talk to Amazon Alexa for information, and browse calendar and weather information. The interface is controlled by a small, ring-like joystick.

    3. Instabeat


    The Instabeat provides a real-time visual feedback for swim training as this wearable can be strapped onto swimming goggles. The wearable device displays a heart rate, where blue light is showed for low effort, green for medium, and red for maximum effort. This allows users to adjust their work-out on the go. The wearable can also be synced with an app that measures distance, pace, stroke type, lap time, and workout intervals.

    4. Nike Adapt BB

    Nike Adapt BB

    The Nike Adapt BB is a pair of basketball sneakers that comes with an advanced power-lacing system, which includes a custom motor and gear train, to adjust the fit of the sneakers based on tension. The sneakers sync with the Nike Adapt app, which allows users to change the color of the sneakers and their fit depending on the situation.


    1. Oculus Quest

    Oculus Quest

    The Oculus Quest is the latest virtual reality system from Facebook-owned Oculus. The system comes with a headset and two motion controllers. It also comes with its own computer for running high-quality VR games and experiences, meaning that the system is completely stand-alone. Features include built-in tracking sensors, positional audio, and easy setup.

    6. Samsung Galaxy – Watch Active

    Samsung Galaxy - Watch Active

    The Watch Active by Samsung Galaxy is a smartwatch made for fitness enthusiast that comes with several motion sensors. The Watch Active also includes a barometer, accelerometer, and light sensor that can track at least seven types of activity, which includes running and swimming. The affordable smartwatch also comes with a unified heart monitor that can send alerts when stress level and heart rate go above a certain level.

    7. Stryd

    Stryd is a wearable that straps to a runner’s shoe and comes with multiple sensors, including motion sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, along with a magnetometer. The wearable can detect headwinds and tailwinds and help runners optimize their exertion levels accordingly. The device can also track speed, running form, fatigue and slope level, and sync with several smart watch models.

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